DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcut

Shortcuts are a great way of saving time when you are editing. By using these hotkeys, you can speed up and improve the efficiency of your editing.

* Enable Timeline > Selection Follows Playhead to work with the below shortcuts.
* You can disable 2D Timeline Scrolling if you want to scroll your timeline with Mouse Wheel. To do that, go to Preferences > User > UI Settings > untick 2D Timeline Scrolling.

NameDefault ShortcutModified Shortcut
Start to PlayheadCommand + Shift + [A
End to PlayheadCommand + Shift + ]S
RazorCommand + BD
Ripple CutCommand + Shift + XF
Zoom InCommand + (+)Z
Zoom OutCommand + (-)X

You can download the shortcut files from the download link below and import the file into DaVinci Resolve.

Go to Next MarkerShift + Arrow Down
Go to Previous MarkerShift + Arrow Up
Add NodesShift + Space
Swap InputsControl/Command + T
Color WindowShortcut
New NodeAlt/Option + S
TrackControl/Command + T
Go to Delivery PageShift + 8

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