Blender Keyboard Shortcuts That I Use

Use these keyboard shortcuts if you use Blender to create 2D or 3D stuff to make sure you’re working efficiently.

Orbit viewMiddle click + Drag
Pan viewShift + Middle click + Drag
Zoom viewScroll wheel
Ctrl + Middle click + Drag
Free pan by cursorShift + ~ + move mouse;
Click in Viewport to Deactivate
Toggle X-rayAlt + Z
Viewport Shading Options Pie menuZ
Camera viewNumpad 0
Object ManipulationShortcut
Move object or geometryG
Scale object or geometryS
Rotate object or geometryR
Rotate with trackballRR
Edit ModeShortcut
Vertex mode1
Edge mode2
Face mode3
Create separate object out of selectionP
Merge selectionM
Vertex and edge slideGG
Extrude geometryE
Fill faceF
Add inset faces to selectionI
Split geometryY
Rip geometryV
Loop cutCtrl + R
Add bevel to selectionCtrl + B
Add vertex bevel to selectionCtrl + Shift + B
BendShift + W
Fill ripAlt + V

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