The Essential macOS App: Amphetamine Keeps Your Mac Awake and Running

Amphetamine is a popular app for macOS that allows users to keep their computer from going into sleep mode. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as when you’re running a long task that you don’t want to be interrupted, or if you’re giving a presentation and don’t want your screen to go dark.

One of the great things about Amphetamine is that it’s incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is open the app and click on the “prevent sleep” button to keep your Mac awake. You can also customize the app to fit your specific needs. For example, you can set it to only prevent sleep when certain apps are running, or when the computer is connected to a specific WiFi network.

Another useful feature of Amphetamine is the ability to schedule when sleep prevention is active. This means that you can set the app to automatically start preventing sleep at a certain time, and then stop again at a specific time. This can be useful if you want to make sure that your Mac stays awake while you’re working but then goes to sleep at night to save energy.

Overall, Amphetamine is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to keep their Mac awake and running. It’s easy to use, customizable and can save you a lot of frustration when you’re trying to get work done on your computer. If you’re a Mac user, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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